Effectiveness of News Items and Website Traffic - 28th Nov 2011

We have recently been analysing website traffic on this website (www.turboweb.co.nz) and we think you may find our results both interesting and relevant for your business.

News Items Result in Increased Website Traffic

Like most of you, we monitor visitor traffic to our website using Google Analytics. We recently noted that within the 62 days between September 26th to November 26, 2011, on the days we released a news item (5 days in total), we observed an increase of 60% above our average visits!

Higher Traffic and Improved Search Engine Optimisation

The lesson here is that frequent news items can improve both new and returning visitor traffic dramatically. News items can also help optimise your site for search engines by acting as another page on your website that can be filled with relevant keywords for your business. 

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about improving traffic and search engine optimisation (SEO)!

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