Domain Name Scam - 16th Sep 2009

It has been brought to our attention that some of our clients have had an email from a company called "ISP Renewal" asking them to renew their domain name.

They claim that renewing with their service, will not alter the WHOIS information and that “you will continue with your current Domain Service Provider”.  This is not the case and if your domain is registered with Turboweb then we are the only company who will issue you with an invoice for it's renewal.  "ISP Renewal" are trying to trick you into clicking the link in the email and entering your credit card details.

Information about the your domain name including the name holder and expiry date of your domain name is publicly available which is why this scam appears legitimate.

Note that if you are a subscriber to the Simple Content Manager service then automatic domain renewal is included in the monthly price.

If you have any concerns or think you may have been a victim of this or a similar scam please contact us an we'll answer any questions you have.

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