Client Profile - Greg Fahey - Venture Partners - 15th Aug 2011

Venture Partners is a newly established business, offering carbon asset management services to forest owners and others involved in emissions trading. Venture Partners also provide flexible professional support to companies seeking to start up or grow.

How did you get into the trade?

I worked as a corporate lawyer in environmental markets overseas for around 5 years. I loved the diversity of people working in that space and the shared passion we all seemed to have for doing the right thing for the environment. It made a nice change from working in a law firm. I've moved away from practising as a lawyer, but still put those skills to work and I'm enjoying developing new ones.

What are environmental markets?

Not alot of people understand what environmental markets are all about. They're basically markets that flow out of Government initiatives aimed at getting people and industry to address environmental challenges. Emissions trading is a good example. It's a far from perfect scheme at the moment, but we need to start somewhere. Energy efficiency incentives are another good example.

How long have you been operating as Venture Partners?

I've been back in NZ for a year now, doing some consulting work and quietly scoping whether the NZ ETS will support a viable business. I've since discovered some great opportunities and like minded people to work with, so launched Venture Partners as a platform for our emissions trading and other activities.

What's the best thing about your job?

Building a business in a new and undeveloped market is exciting. The potential for growth is enormous. I also like the international nature of what I do. I'm in regular contact with people in Asia, Europe and the States and it makes no difference to them where in New Zealand I'm based. It means I can enjoy all that Dunedin has to offer, as well as working on some fascinating projects. You've got to love how technology makes that possible!

What does the future hold for Venture Partners?

Well, we're planning to launch a forest services business in the next month or two. That will complement our carbon market services for forest owners. Beyond that, we'll be getting out into the market, raising our profile and looking to grow.

Contact Details
Venture Partners Limited
106 Bond Street
Dunedin 9016
New Zealand
Phone: +64 (0)21 270 2222

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