Back to the Future - Future Proofing Your Website - 30th Aug 2013

How long should my new website design last?

Given that a new website can require a significant investment of time and money, we are commonly asked "how long should my new website design last"?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but probably the most important factor in determining the life-span of your website design is whether you get a quality web design and coding package to start with. Something that is well constructed, and that not only looks good, but also works well, is likely to require only minor changes to keep bringing in new customers for years to come.

Keep it simple

It is practically impossible to predict the future and the only real solution is to make your website as simple, easy to navigate and trend-resistant. If you have a fresh, clean website that your customer base knows how to use, you shouldn't feel the need to change it purely for fashions sake.

Content is King

The days of “static” or never changing websites are all but over. Website visitors now expect that your website, especially its content, will change as constantly as your new products, services, specials or developments, content that is written to inform and even entertain.

Therefore it is important that your website comes with a content management system, allowing you to edit, add or delete content and menu headings.

Design flexibility

Ideally your site will be constructed so that its overall “look and feel” can be altered at any time without affecting either existing content or technical features. In other words, you should be able to “overlay” a new design, leaving the rest of the site intact.

This approach will minimise your costs of refreshing or renovating the look, as only the visual aspects require replacing instead of part or even the entire website.

Features and functionality

Good web professionals will establish a website system or platform that can easily and affordably grow with your requirements.

This is done by either providing a system where new functionality needs only to be enabled with as much as a tick of the box, or is compatible with a range of affordable and convenient modules.

While there may be a small charge to upgrade to these features, this will be minimal compared to hiring a developer to build in the new functionality for you.

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