Turboweb - keeping it simple since way back! - 1st May 2017 to 31st May 2017

Turboweb - keeping it simple since way back!

As you may have picked up already, here at Turboweb we think that the simplest way can often be the best way. We are all about making things as easy as possible and finding the path of least resistance.

Our industry however, is not unlike many others, and comes with its fair share of jargon - so we thought we'd play a little game to see what some of these terms mean to you. We will post several industry-specific terms on our Facebook page and we invite you, the public, to add your definitions in the comments fields below. But there's a twist - we want you to explain these sometimes complex concepts as simply as possible!

Over the month of May we will have several giveaways for not only the best, simplest definitions, but also the funnest ones. This one is not just for the literary geniuses, we're just after some plain English.

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