SEO Workshop - How to Optimise your Website to get to the Top of the Search Engine! - 15th Nov 2012

SEO Workshop - How to Optimise your Website to get to the Top of the Search Engine!

On Thursday 15 November 5.30 pm Paul Southworth will take clients through the in's and out's of making websites rank well in search engines.

This workshop has been presented before and we got lots of great feedback so we decided to run it again.

When: Thursday 15 November  5.30pm

Where: The Turboplex, 23 Vogel Street, Dunedin

How long is this client workshop?  We try to keep all our workshops to 40 to 50 minutes

What will I learn? 
This workshop will give you an overview of how search engines work and the things we can do as part of managing a website and feeding search engines.
Learn how to make your website more accessible to your potential customers. By using key phrases and words within the text of your website, you can maximise your websites visibility to target markets. We will be covering topics, such as, Adwords, Google places, and Facebook.

How Do I Register?
Registrations are essential so we know how many people we are dealing with. We will limit numbers to a maximum of ten people. Please contact us to register your interest.

What Do I Need To Attend?
Bring your laptop if you have one. We have a public wireless service that you can use to get onto the Internet to follow along. We will also have five or six desktop machines available for use on the night as well.

Who should attend?
The seminar series is free and open to all Turboweb Clients, friends of Turboweb (and their like minded friends) and aims to cut through the hype to inform and help you make the right decisions.

RSVP: Send an email to or call us on 0800 TURBOWEB

Looking forward to seeing you there.